Our Vision

Tweak Fashion Vision 

Tweak Fashion was formed to be the vehicle through which Tweak Directors can pursue their passion for transformation in South Africa. Tweak identifies unemployed women in local communities, and then trains, mentors, and equips them with skills, to ultimately be self-employed productive members of their community, integrating into their local economies.

Tweak sources previously loved clothing, fabric remnants, and roll ends of material from various sources. The items are either dropped off or we collect and transport them to our warehouse in Modderfontein. We then use these items to teach ladies to sew and earn a living, through an  Entrepreneur  Program - Five Phase Process.  

Tweak  Ladies as part of the Entrepreneur Program Manufacture: 
- On order for Clients 
- Tweak Label Products: Ladies & Men's Leisure Wear for individuals & Corporate orders, Bags & Purses, Fashion Accessories, Decor items for home & office, children's clothing and toys (including Mumpy). 

Mumpy ( Mum & Penny)  One Million Project 2022/ 2023
Mumpy is a toy that was created in the 1960s by Justine Engelbrecht, Executive Director of Tweak Fashion's Mother, for her sister who was born with heart disease, as a comfort toy. Justine's sister Penny had a healthy life until she passed away 7 weeks after a heart transplant on 19 Feb 2018. Justine's Mother Stella passed away on 2nd April 2021, and soon afterward, Tweak Fashion brought Mumpy to life. In honour of them both and to give Mumpy the purpose of blessing children. Our aim is for every child  in South Africa to have a Mumpy to comfort them.  Mumpy is made from repurposed material, supporting sustainable fashion, she is filled with Virgin Ball Fiber, ensuring she is Hypo-Allergenic, and she is made by the ladies at Tweak as part of our entrepreneur program.  She is super soft, and like the ladies who make them, each one is completely Unique!

When you purchase  Mumpy you support quality of life through local entrepreneurship, sustainable fashion,  reduction of waste and environmental impact, and  the distribution of Mumpy to underprivileged, terminally ill, disabled, and children that need comfort.

Pencil Case Drive for Children 2022 / 2023
At Tweak we are aware that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and our ladies become part of our ethos to give back, so while they are receiving they are constantly giving back.
Our aim is to give Under Privileged Children a Pencil Case, Change Bag & Stationery for 2023.

Please contact us to give to either of these Projects.

Tweak Fashion, Executive director Justine Engelbrecht says, “The Tweak Fashion model considers the unemployment rate, which  according to the 
QLFS ( Quarterly Labour Force Survey ) was 63,9% for those aged 15-24, and 42,1% for those aged 25 - 34%, with a current national rate standing at  34,5%. 

The model also considers the environment, with one kilogram of clothing emitting 3,6 kg of CO2. 

Tweak combines these two factors into their Sustainability Circle. Instead of making, using and disposing, Tweak supports the circular economy model where items are reused, recycled and reintroduced into the system.

Tweak Fashion NPC is a Public Benefit Organisation, and as such, relies 100% on Donations & Orders of our Products. 
Without Support, we are not able to Sustain. 

Please consider being a Monthly Giver, or donating a  Mumpy to a Child. 

For More Information: Please email:  

Mumpy Project

Help us Bless a Child  with a Mumpy!
Should you require more info, or if you have a children's home you would like to bless through your company, please contact us.